Monday, 2 April 2012

SharePoint Award 2012 Winners and a Relegation Fight

After an amazing month of voting the winners of the SharePoint Awards 2012 are now ready to be announced. I can't quite believe the tens of thousands of votes that were cast, but now we have the combined the votes with the verdict of our expert SharePoint panel to determine the eight winners. To find out who the winners and runners-up are click here to visit SharePoint Village. But first let me show you a way to get your users using SharePoint.

One of the most frequent conversations at any workplace is of course football. So why not add a bit of football excitement to your SharePoint. Being a Villa fan at the moment means that the only excitement we get is a relegation fight. Unfortunately like the start of April last year I am left working out all the permutations of the Premier League relegation fight. So I have again turned to SharePoint to help me to keep track of what could be a very poor season for the mighty Aston Villa.

As Manchester City continue to press the self destruct button and hand the trophy to the other team in Manchester my thoughts are at the other end of the table. Although it is still a good chance to see Ballotelli trying to put his bib on again.

With Villa now only five times clear of the relegation zone (and without Darren Bent, Richard Dune and sadly captain Stiliyan Petrov) it means that Villa along with 5 other Premiership clubs are left fighting for survival. This really is 'squeaky bum' time.

Last year, one Sunday, after realising the Villa could be relegated I tried to work out the best way to record the relegation battle. At first I tried a complex spreadsheet listing all the fixtures each of the twelve struggling teams had to play but this was far too restrictive. Then it struck me that SharePoint was the ideal tool to produce numerous reports and lists based on the information I had available. So by importing my spreadsheet (it took only seconds as the 'Create List' contains an 'Import Spreadsheet') and creating lots of different views I soon had a Site created that I will be using for the remainder of the season. Now I have had to do it all again. Hopefully there will be a happy ending with the Villa remaining were they belong in the Premiership. It might go to the very last day though but it is sure to be exciting.

As I am quite pleased with the SharePoint Site I have created called 'Relegation Fight' I would like to open it up to the many other slightly worried football fans (it is designed for all the bottom 7 teams;Wolves, QPR, Bolton, Wigan, Blackburn, Villa and Albion).

Screen Shot from SharePoint Site 'Relegation Fight'

To view and follow the 'Relegation Fight' SharePoint Site please visit the Office Talk Hosted SharePoint 2010  site at  the logon you need to use is with the password of officetalk. Then click on the final tab on the top menu labelled 'Relegation Fight'

But while the famous Aston Villa try to stop their losing run 9 SharePoint companies are today celebrating being winners at the SharePoint Awards 2012. Congratulations to everyone who has won a Gold Seal in this year's awards.

On the 'Relegation Fight' SharePoint Site I have predicted all the remaining games for each of the twelve teams. If my predictions were to come true then Wolves, Wigan and Blackburn will be appearing in the npower Championship next season. But football is rarely predictable and as Jimmy Greaves was fond of saying 'it's a funny old game'.

So don't forget to keep checking the 'Relegation Fight' SharePoint site;

Logon :
Password : officetalk

Whatever your team try to follow the words of Corporal Jones in Dad's Army and 'DON'T PANIC!'.

To close this week though I have to send my best wishes to one of my current favourite Aston Villa players Stiliyan Petrov who was diagnosed with acute leukaemia on Friday. Get well 'Stan' we all know you can beat it and want to see you back in the Villa midfield in the not too distant future.