Thursday, 27 June 2013

Ten Things to Find Out on First Day at New Job

Starting a new job can be stressful and very much a case of going into the unknown. These are the ten things that I believe you need to find out on your first day at a new job;

  1.       Where the toilets are?
        2.       Is there a vending machine or coffee club?
        3.       What do people tend to do for lunch?
        4.       What do you do if you cut your finger off?
        5.       Who is in charge of paying you?
        6.       Where can you park your car that doesn’t cost a fortune?
        7.       Where are the main meeting rooms?
        8.       Who is your boss’s boss?
        9.       Where do you save your files to?
      10.   How early can you leave in the evening and still look conscientious?

Next week the famous Aston Villa report back for pre-season training and as they prepare to return to the top six, where they belong, have signed five new players. All five are in their early 20’s and from various different European countries. They must be petrified as they prepare for their first day but at least there will be others there in the same situation, even if they don’t speak the same language.

So what do you do when you want to find anything out? If you are like me you ‘Google’ it (Ok other Search Engines are available, but I still always Google first). I suspect that on average I google over ten times a day. It really is my first port of call. Just an hour ago I googled ‘what to clean fabric car roofs with’. I know, I could have walked upstairs and got the handbook out that came with the car, but the first thing I did was google.

So why are we half way through my SharePoint blog and I haven’t yet mentioned SharePoint? Well, that is because if the company you are starting working at has SharePoint the answers to all the ten questions might be nearer than you think. So the first question to ask is, ‘do you use SharePoint?’ If so get the web address and using the Search box like Google try to find the answers to these questions.

Many companies now use SharePoint as an Intranet as using it as a Document\Records Management System. So you just might get lucky. If they do have SharePoint, but this type of information isn’t there then there will be lots of opportunities for you to shine by suggesting how it could be enhanced.

If you are a Human Resources, Personnel, or Recruitment Department (or whatever the latest trendy name is for looking after staff) then it is worth seeing how you can make best use of your organisations SharePoint system. Office Talk, the SharePoint Specialists, are always happy to come and offer you advice, or training, on how SharePoint can maximise the availability of information in your company. Just give us a call on 0121 3680055.

Now, to buy my 34th consecutive Villa season ticket online. Villa Park is one place that I do know like the back of my hand.