Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Andy Dale SharePoint Awards 2013

Now that the Premier League Transfer window has safely shut and Christian Benteke remains a Villa star it time to launch the 5th Andy Dale SharePoint Awards

Voting for this year's awards will take place here on this SharePoint Blog during October and close on Halloween Night (31st October midnight UK Time). Before I explain the rules for this year's nominations here is a quick reminder of last year's winners when over 20,000 people cast their votes;

Reminder of SharePoint Awards 2012 Winners

1. Best SharePoint Information Site 

2. Best SharePoint Application

3. Best SharePoint Training Packages

4. Best SharePoint WebPart
5. Best SharePoint WebPart Provider 

6. Best SharePoint Management Tool
7. Favourite Free SharePoint Product
8. Best SharePoint Blog

Nominations Open Until 30th September for SharePoint Awards 2013

This year we are changing the format to try find the real Premier League SharePoint Products.
We have revamped the categories and this year there are just these six;
1. Best Overalll SharePoint Product (It must work on both 2013 and 2010. No price restriction)
 2. Best SharePoint Budget Product (Under £750 or $1000)
3. Best SharePoint Administration Tool (Permissions, Backup, Migration, Reporting etc)
4. Best SharePoint 2013 App (Must work on Office 365 Enterprise as well as onsite SharePoint)
5. Best Free SharePoint Information Source (Could be Blog, Twitter feed, Website, Videos etc)
6. Best SharePoint Supplier
(Which company go the extra mile, offer the best support etc.)

So how can you nominate your favourites and how do we make it fair? The idea is that over the next three weeks nominations are made by simply leaving a comment here on this post. We don't even mind if you nominate your own product. What we do ask though is that each product is only nominated once per category (so please check first). The comment you leave needs to include the following though;

  • Which category are you nominating for? 
  • What is the name of Product or Information Source?
  • Which company offers it?
  • What is the approximate price (British Pounds or American Dollars, please)?
  • Which versions of SharePoint does it work on?
  • In one line what does it do?
  • What do you like best about it?
Then at the end of September I short list 4 finalists for each category ready for the voting to begin on October 1st 2013. The voting like on 'Strictly Come Dancing' will make up half of the final score. The other half will come from a panel of SharePoint Experts.

And Finally.....

If you are a regular reader to my SharePoint Blog you will probably be expecting a funny video. Well, this week I am going to be a bit naughty and promote one of my own YouTube videos. Sorry it isn't a SharePoint one but I hope it will make you smile.

For those you don't know when I am not following the mighty Aston Villa in my spare time I am a published writer and quite proud of my latest series of children's books 'King Derek and the Wonder Wizards'. So with a whiff of Jackanory nostalgia here is 'King Derek and the Purple Wizard'.

Let the nominations begin. Good luck to all the SharePoint companies.