Thursday, 11 June 2009

SharePoint Awards 2009 (Andy Dale’s)

New SharePoint Awards 2012

This week I am going to announce the first ever Andy Dale SharePoint Awards and also offer some similar Premiership football ones. June is here and as it isn’t a World Cup of European Championship summer it will seem a long time until the Premiership returns on August 15th (even longer for Setana subscribers). At least, we have the Ashes to hopefully enjoy. For any American readers ‘The Ashes’ is a tiny urn that England and Australia play cricket for every two years. So with the end of the 2008/09 football season it is very much a time for looking back and for topless big bellied Geordies to stop crying into their Brown Ale. So it seems a good time to make my awards for both SharePoint and the Premiership ones. Sorry there are no prizes, but the winners can happily mention their award on their websites, although not all of them might want to. Let’s start with the SharePoint Awards then I think it is best as this is primarily a SharePoint Blog; 1 Best SharePoint Information Site 2009 WinnerSharePoint Reviews The newcomer on the block which contains reviews of 100’s of SharePoint Products 2 Best SharePoint Webpart Provider 2009 WinnerSharePoint Boost Creating easy to install and use webparts as if they are going out of fashion 3 Best SharePoint Administration Tool 2009 WinnerControlPoint from Axceler Finally a way of really managing all those user permissions across all of your servers and sites. Oh, and very useful for moving complete sites. 4 Best Website built on SharePoint 2009 WinnerCadbury Chocolate and SharePoint have never tasted so good. 5 Best SharePoint Training Package 2009 WinnerCBT Clips Still the best solution to show End Users how to use SharePoint. 6 Best SharePoint Offline Solution 2009 WinnerColligo Contributor from Colligo Allows SharePoint to be with you even when the network isn’t. Don’t forget to download the free reader on the right. 7 Most Useful SharePoint Webpart 2009 WinnerBatch Check-in from SharePoint Boost Lets us finally get rid of the ‘Checked Out’ annoyance after we have move lots of documents. 8 Favourite Free SharePoint Webpart 2009 WinnerGoogle Search Webparts Keep your users in SharePoint as they Google away. 9 Most Fun Free Webpart 2009 WinnerPicture Puzzle Widget from Spring Widgets Spring Widget have lots of snazzy free webparts including cat clocks with moving tails 10 Biggest SharePoint Mess-up 2009 WinnerMicrosoft for 180 day expire error on SP 2. So those are my awards please feel free to add comments either agreeing with my list or ripping them to pieces. Now, onto my Premiership Awards. If you aren’t a football fan, or support Manchester United, please feel free to stop reading now. 1 Best Player Stephen Ireland (Man City) 2 Best Manager Tony Pullis (Stoke City) 3 Best Goal David Bentley (Spurs v Arsenal) 4 Best Signing James Beattie (Stoke City) 5 Most Improved Team Fulham 6 Worst Half Time Talk Phil Brown (Hull) on pitch against Man City 7 Best Game Liverpool 4 Arsenal 4 8 Biggest False Dawn Newcastle beating Boro 9 Biggest Mistake Making Tony Adams a manager 10 Most Annoying Git Christiano Ronaldo Now, to start designing a SharePoint Template for ‘My Team’s Premiership 2009/2010 Season Performance’. It will be available as a FREE download from the Office Talk website by 1st August 2009. Might have to work on the name for it!


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