Thursday, 29 May 2008

SharePoint - Please Sir, can I have some more?

More and more companies are now rolling out SharePoint 2007 and seeing it's many exciting features. It looks good, it is easy for users to master, it has a snazzy search engine and can do basic workflow. Great until the Managers and Super Users start asking for MORE. When Officetalk lead SharePoint projects across UK and Europe a typical initial response from customers is "Great, I never knew it did so much", but very quickly they are asking for more. We often hear comments like "Yes, the calendar is nice, BUT can we see all the Board Meetings in dark blue", or "Yes, I like the Announcements, BUT wouldn't it be nice if they rotated" or "Yes, BUT I want to link data from tables on different sites". Always they want more and MORE.... At first SharePoint consultants were frustrated by the "can I have some more?" comments because they either had to spend weeks writing clever developer code or leave their customer disappointed. The list of 'mores' went on the more they really started using SharePoint. Customers wanted to improve Charts, improve Alerts, Change Passwords, improve SQL views, perform bulk imports and combine data sources from different sites. Enough demands to make any SharePoint consultant weep. Until they discovered the SharePoint Magic Wand. Officetalk now can offer customers 'More'. They have the SharePoint Magic Wand and it is made out of Bamboo. Bamboo solutions provide over 46 SharePoint webparts that enhance many of the basic SharePoint features. If you want anything 'More' from SharePoint or an extra feature then check out Bamboo Solutions first because if they aren't already selling a webpart that does what you want they are probably developing one as you read this. To find out more about the impressive Bamboo range of webparts visit Now if you, or your customers, want 'More' from SharePoint you know where to look.

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