Thursday, 1 May 2008

Sharepoint Vision

In the words of Martin Luther King, Benny from Abba and that bloke who sang the Scotland World Cup song in 1982 - 'I have a dream'. SharePoint popularity is growing every day and the number of companies offering SharePoint services is expanding faster than Robbie William's waist-line. So as I have previously said 'I have a dream'. No, not the one about the Villa winning the FA Cup in my life-time or the one about the leggy Icelandic twin sisters, but a dream to find everything SharePoint under one roof. A single virtual Shopping Centre where I could find everything SharePoint. There would be shops for Consultants, shops for companies offering 'SharePoint add-ons', a Library for sharePoint reference, a SharePoint Hall for SharePoint, discussion groups, another shop that just sold the best 'webparts' and enough SharePoint goodies to keep a SharePoint junkie going for years. This Sharepoint vision, of Andy Dale's, is now going to become reality because officetalk are currently building such a site and they are calling it 'Sharepoint Village' (you see I even managed to get the name Villa in there). The is starting to take shape and already some of the biggest names in Sharepoint are signing up to have a shop in a prime location on this virtual Shopping Centre. It really is an exciting development in the SharePoint world and I can't wait to see its grand opening in July. So what next for the Andy Dale dreams? The vision of Gareth Barry holding up the FA Cup in May 2009? Hopefully he is still a Villa player at the time. Coming soon Sharepointvillage at Take a look at it now and sign up for further information.

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