Thursday, 15 April 2010

FREE STARTER OFFER : Pizza and SharePoint

This week despite still being depressed over the Villa’s unjust exit from FA Cup I am going to let you into the secret of two great starter offers.

Firstly, many of you will know about Orange Wednesdays when Orange Mobile Users can take a friend free of charge to the cinema, but did you know you can also take them to Pizza Express afterwards and get them a free main course? Even better you both get free starters (just click link below to find out more). So if you are a gentleman on a low budget trying to impressive a certain lady make sure you ask her for a date on a Wednesday.

What about FREE STARTERS with SharePoint? Well, Office Talk has decided to create a special Site Template that works with either WSS or MOSS to get your SharePoint Project Started. It is imaginatively named ‘SharePoint Project Starter’ and you don’t even need to buy anything from Office Talk or even have an Orange Mobile phone to get one. All you have to do is drop and email to myself with the Subject “Free Starter Please”.

The great thing about this second offer also is it is not restricted to UK like the Pizza Express Orange offer. Although, if you do find similar offers in other countries please add the link below in a comment. Oh, and you don’t have to wait for Wednesday to install the SharePoint Template.

The SharePoint Project Starter includes selecting Project Team Members, defining Scope of Project, the popular Office Talk Project Checklist, Project Issue Log, Suggest a Project Name and many more useful SharePoint Project starting tools. Best of all it gets the Project Team use to using SharePoint.

A list of all winners and runners-up in my SharePoint Awards can be found by CLICKING AWARD WINNERS.

Well done to Portsmouth for reaching the FA Cup Final. The Villa must now concentrate on the league and a win against Portsmouth on Saturday would do for STARTERS.

Email to claim your free starter.

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