Thursday, 22 April 2010

SharePoint Money Saver - New Hosted Solution

Yesterday was quite an exciting day and not only because the Villa beat Hull and almost guaranteed my brother’s team Wolves staying up (meaning four West Midlands clubs in Premiership next season). Wednesday 21st April was also the launch of the unique Hosted SharePoint solution ‘Office Talk Team Portal’. OK not the most riveting of names but hopefully the extra features and applications will be its real seller. Oh, and the free upgrade to SharePoint 2010 within two months will keep it future proof.

So why have SharePoint Specialists Office Talk (that’s who I work for so please allow a little advertising here) decided to extend their SharePoint offerings to include a Hosted Solution? To explain I am going to use a football analogy (I can hear some of you groan ‘not again’ already) and let’s look at the final weeks of the Premiership season. We have an exciting title race, a race for 4th (which following last night still involves the mighty Villa) and a relegation fight between five teams. The sad fact is that when you compare the current league table with a table of attendances this season you see a very high correlation (you can tell I have got a Statistics A’Level). The higher the crowd you get it seems the higher in the league you are. The Villa are currently 7th in both the real Premiership and the attendance league. So the answer seems simple, get higher crowds and you will climb the league. Unfortunately only Manchester United seem able to keep adding seats to their ground for many of the other teams the answer appears to be to build new ultra expensive plastic grounds. This means putting the club into great debt and possible danger. Now having a big new ground means not only significant initial outlay, but many expensive running costs which is the same if you house your own SharePoint Servers. Maybe clubs should start to seriously look at ground sharing as even the top clubs do in Italy? I wouldn’t really be in favour of the Villa moving to a new supersized ground that they shared with Birmingham City (the two play each other on Sunday) but I can see the financial sense especially if the ground was owned by Birmingham Council. So ‘Hosted Football Grounds’ could save clubs loads of money.

Having your own full SharePoint Environment does not come cheap even if the business savings will eventually be considerable. Supporting any IT infra-structure is expensive with needs for dedicated server rooms, complex backup procedures, hardware support contracts and complex software licensing. For many small to medium sized companies getting started with SharePoint is just too expensive and also they just haven’t got the time. They haven’t even got time to try it out and it really takes a good day to configure and that is assuming you already have a server available to put it on. So the hosted SharePoint is now a great entry point for many companies and organisations. Either those who want to just dip their feet in without any real outlay or for those who want to securely store all their information on it SharePoint Hosted is the answer.

So what are the real benefits of SharePoint Hosting?

1. Saves Money
2. Data is Secure (multiple servers in multiple locations means complete peace of mind)
3. Reduced Support Costs (No need to worry about Backups)
4. Enhanced Security (https connections means data transmitted securely)
5. Available everywhere (with Internet connections everywhere even in McDonalds your staff can work)
6. No long term commitment.
The next question is why ‘Office Talk Team Portal’ and what makes it different;

1. A free upgrade to SharePoint 2010 within two months
2. Supported by SharePoint experts (Office Talk)
3. Designed to incorporate the best SharePoint Add-ons (Online Conference facility, CRM and Project applications already available with many more on the way)
4. Servers hosted by Rack Space one of leading global Hosted Providers
5. Access to the popular ten department templates designed by Office Talk
6. A free no obligation 30 day trial available which doesn’t even ask for your credit card or mother’s maiden name.
7. Up and running in under ten minutes.

So why not try SharePoint now whatever size organisation you are? Just click here to start your free 30 day trial of Office Talk Team Portal .

Now all the Villa have to do is win their last three games of the season and hope Spurs don’t win two. Not forgetting that Man City mustn't win three of their games. Did you follow all that?

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