Monday, 21 March 2011

SharePoint Relegation Fight

As teams like Chelsea, Man United and Man City fight for the trophies at the business end of the season this week I use SharePoint 2010 to help you follow one of the most exciting relegation battles ever.

Yes, my worse fears came true and Villa lost for first team in 30 years to local rivals Wolves. It means that Villa along with 11 other Premiership clubs are left fighting for survival in the next two months. This really is 'squeaky bum' time. After deciding on Sunday that relegation for the Villa wouldn't be a disaster and at least I would get four extra home games for my season ticket I tried to work out the best way to record the relegation battle. At first I tried a complex spreadsheet listing all the fixtures each of the twelve struggling teams had to play but this was far too restrictive. Then it struck me that SharePoint was the ideal tool to produce numerous reports and lists based on the information I had available. So by importing my spreadsheet (it took only seconds as the 'Create List' contains an 'Import Spreadsheet') and creating lots of different views I soon had a Site created that I will be using for the remainder of the season. Hopefully there will be a happy ending with the Villa remaining were they belong in the Premiership. It might go to the very last day though but it is sure to be exciting.

As I am quite pleased with the SharePoint Site I have created called 'Relegation Fight' I would like to open it up to the many other slightly worried football fans (it is designed for all the bottom 12 teams from Newcastle to West Ham via Blackpool with a long stay in the West Midlands).

Screen Shot from SharePoint Site 'Relegation Fight'

To view and follow the 'Relegation Fight' SharePoint Site please visit the Office Talk Hosted SharePoint 2010  site at  the logon you need to use is with the password of officetalk. Then click on the final tab on the top menu labelled 'Relegation Fight'

Hopefully the Great Escape for all our midland clubs except Birmingham City (well they have won a cup) starts here.

But while the famous Aston Villa try to stop their losing run 60 SharePoint companies are still trying to win the Gold Seals in the Andy Dale SharePoint Awards 2011. So if you haven't voted yet make sure you visit SharePoint Village now at to cast your vote in each of the ten categories.

For further information on all the finalists please visit last week's SharePoint Blog at .

Good luck to all finalists in the SharePoint Awards and good luck to all the relegation fighters unless they are playing the Villa.

On the 'Relegation Fight' SharePoint Site I have predicted all the remaining games for each of the twelve teams. If my predictions were to come true then Wigan, Birmingham and Blackburn will be appearing in the npower Championship next season. But football is rarely predictable and as Jimmy Greaves was fond of saying 'it's a funny old game'.

So don't forget to keep checking the 'Relegation Fight' SharePoint site;

Logon :
Password : officetalk

Whatever your team try to follow the words of Corporal Jones in Dad's Army and 'DON'T PANIC!'.



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